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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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Eligibility - (Continued)
Centers:    Accredited American colleges and universities.

Fellowships: Accredited institutions of higher education offering compre-
hensive graduate language and area and international studies are eligible
to apply for award quotas.

Research and Studies:    Institutions of higher education; qualified Individual
researchers; State educational   agencies;  public  school   systems;  and  other
educational and professional  organizations.

Business Programs: Accredited colleges and universities linked with the
business community engaged in foreign commerce.

A.    Goals and Objectives

In FY 1984, the Department's principal objectives for these program
components were:

UndergraduateInternational  Studies and Foreign Languages Programs

o Strengthen and improve undergraduate instruction In international studies
and foreign languages;

o Strengthen the acquisition of knowledge and skills in professional fields
that have an international component, such as agricultures business,
education, law, and journalism, or that develop skills for the analysis
of critical issues such as economic development, technology utilization,
national security, or international trade;

o Increase the use of computers to teach modern foreign languages and to
collect and analyze information about critical international issues.

National Resource Centers

o Urge grantees to adopt standards and testing procedures compatible with
the most recent standards adopted by the American Council on the Teaching
of Foreign languages;

o Initiate or strengthen linkages between language and area studies and
professional schools;

o Strengthen the language programs by increasing to 10 hours of instruc-
tion per week in grantees1 introductory and intermediate language skill
courses, and add advanced third- and fourth-year regular language skill

o   Begin or strengthen summer intensive language institutes;

o Initiate or expand outreach activities in teacher education through
technical assistance and in-service training in language and area
studies and international education.elopment, and to promote education and training that